Mobile app empowering consumers in the energy transition

Powered by IoT, AI and blockchain, Kyla enables consumers to gain control over their energy management and opens new business opportunities for all actors in the energy market.

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Energy Tracking for lower Bills

Consumers and SMEs can track and monitor how much energy they consume and learn how to adjust it. No more surprise bills at the end of the year.

benefits for customers


Whether with a group or alone, users can invest in heat pumps, PV panels and other renewable energy generation equipment. Kyla will help them find the best offers for equipment installation and ways to finance the investment.


Once they produce renewable energy, users can earn money by trading their energy surplus. They can also decide from whom and at what price they purchase energy by joining a peer-to-peer energy trading platform, including energy suppliers and network operators.


With an access to IoT devices, Kyla helps users minimize their energy consumption, by applying smart management of electric appliances and suggesting best times to charge electric vehicles (EVs) or consume energy.

Benefits for energy market players

Kyla enables network operators, energy suppliers, renewable equipment procedures, banks and energy co-operatives to be at the forefront of energy transition.

Kyla paves the way to an interconnected clean energy market of the future