Peer-to-peer energy platform of the future

A cutting-edge digital solution under testing with leading network operators around Europe. 

EFLEX provides network operators and energy suppliers with digital Saas solutions that are specific to their needs.

Energy Trading Made easy

Digital platform connecting network operators with market players and rewarding grid users. All in real time and in one place. 

User-Friendly Interface

Energy trading should be simple and intuitive for every user. That’s why EFLEX visualizes grid congestion, local supply and demand for flexibility services. Forecast is available many years ahead.

effortless transaction

We want energy trading to be as smooth as booking a hotel room. With blockchain, all transactions are recorded instantly, with minimal effort and in a safe and transparent way.

Plug and play

Users decide which features they need. EFLEX is like a toolbox of seperate modules that can be plugged into existing systems, or tested in a sandbox environment before investing in the infrastructure.

Eflex has been developed at the crossroads of energy and It expertise

We work with network operators, aggregators and local renewable energy generators to provide them with tools to effectively participate in the energy market of the future.

Ongoing projects


Energypolis is a research campus generating renewable energy. With EFLEX, Energypolis monitors its power balance and offers flexibility services to the local distribution system operator OIKEN.


OEDAS (DSO) is using the EFLEX sandbox environment to improve the stability and forecast of its local energy grids with a high share of renewables.


EFLEX pilots are taking place at ENERGO-PRO (DSO) and ESO (TSO) who use the platform to manage the grid consgestion and synchronize communication. EFLEX trading feature is available to local energy generators to bid their offers to the network operators.


Transelectrica (TSO) and Distributie Energie Oltenia (DSO) use EFLEX to communicate between each other and to visualize the grid congestion with EFLEX trading platform, they purchase flexibility services from local providers.

EFLEX helps grid users enter the energy market of the future. let us show you the way.