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EMAX is a digital and innovation partner for energy industry players helping accelerate their journey towards digital energy transition. We believe democratising the world’s power systems is best achieved through the rapid implementation of disruptive, digitally-enabled transactive technologies and solutions.

With the goals toward renewable energy, efficiency and zero-emission building, in combination with advancement in storage, internet of things or blockchain technologies, network operators are in need of new tools to enable renewable energy and electric vehicles connection, peer-to-peer trading and tariff charging in a transparent manner; End-users are asking for innovative and cost-effective solutions; Energy suppliers are forced to change their business models.

Together with EMAX, our partners can quickly launch their new concepts to the market by leveraging our digital tools and solutions that support strong customer engagement and renewable energy integration.

More Than Digital Platforms

Energy Flexibility Trading
Easily handle and automate all trading related processes
  • User Data and Interface
  • Geolocation and Real Time Data
  • Trading/Matching Algorithm
  • Billing and Settlement
  • Reporting
flexibility trading
flexibility trading
Customer Engagement
Assure superior customer experience
  • Energy Optimization
  • IoT Connection and Data Analytics
  • Valorizing Demand Response
  • Customer Portfolio
  • Bill Adjustments
Strategic Revenue Models
Enjoy fruitfull cooperation with your partners and customers
and let EMAX handle the digital engines
  • Storage Integration
  • Collective Investment Projects
  • Blockchain Peer to Peer Use Cases
  • IoT Driven Value Creation
  • Local Energy Communities
revenue models

Strategic Energy Applications

The prototypes of these applications are ready to test.
We are developing them to a new level with customers and via partnerships.
A reliable platform, where network operators, market players and prosumers come together and trade flexibility services in a transparent and cost-effective manner. The platform is powered by IoT, blockchain with smart contract and smart billing.
A mobile app powered by AI, IoT and blockchain that empowers consumers to play an active role in the energy transition. With Kyla, users can monitor their energy consumption and interact with energy suppliers and financial institutions, leading to new business models and increased investment in renewables.

Our Energy Innovation Projects

EMAX is active in innovation projects to build new market solutions for energy sector. We team up with many leading companies in Europe in the Horizon2020 framework.

How EMAX Supports You


Our energy and IT domain experts validate business concpept and use cases


Identifying platform, components, process flow, services and architecture


Rapid prototype development and testing


Production and management of application

Who Trusts Us

About EMAX

EMAX is a highly motivated team comprising of energy and IT expertise to enhance customer-centric, business opportunities and digital transformations for players across the energy value chain.

We are a fast-growing company with deep roots in energy, consultancy and technologies. We are excited about the ongoing the energy transition and are just beginning to uncover the potential of our platform to influence the energy model of the future, and already the possibilities seem endless. We are committed to create significant impact on sustainable business development and mitigate climate change challenges.
To be a leader in empowering and digitizing decarbonization
To strengthen consumer engagement on low carbon, clean and green initiatives
Happiness of customers is our happiness
We respect diversity and welcome
We are a strong team with a devoted work ethic

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EMAX registration office:
Brusselstraat 715, Dilbeek, Belgium

Working Office:
ICAB building, Witte Patersstraat 4, 1040 Brussel

Tel: +32 476 617 104